Romance Scams on the Rise

If someone you meet online needs your personal, credit card or bank information, check out this video FIRST!!

This Valentine’s Day, keep in mind romance scams can break your heart and your bank account. Scammers use online dating apps and sites to build trust relationships with victims and persuade them to send money or share personal and financial information. These scams have resulted in one of the highest amounts of financial losses when compared to other Internet-facilitated crimes. In 2020, over 23,000 victims reported over $605,000,000 in losses.

If you are a victim of a romance scam, or believe you have been victimized by an online fraud, file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center at and call the FBI field office at 402-493-8688. We recognize that it may be embarrassing for victims to report this type of scam because they are intensely personal. However, we ask victims to come forward so the FBI can ensure these online imposters are stopped and brought to justice. 

For tips to avoid Romance Scams  click here

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