Your 2024 Golf Outing Registration is NOW OPEN. We have a new process to make this years event even more enjoyable with an expedited check-in too!


  1. The Button below with take you to our new events registration page where you can select your ticket(s).
  2. For any ticket, you will need to fill in each golfers information. 1 Foursome, will then request all info for four golfers to proceed.
  3. After entering golfer info, you arrive at the payment screen and yes, you can use PayPal (which allows for credit card, bank, debit etc) or credit card!
  4. After payment, the person paying gets a receipt and each golfer gets a ticket with their unique QR Code. Keep these handy for expedited check-in!
  5. Please check your spam/junk mail folders so we don’t miss any tickets. It’s a new process and early testing did route to junk/spam since it’s a new email address.
  6. Your tickets arrive as a Calendar Invite. Click “Add to Calendar” and your tickets will be handy the day of the event for QR code check-in!